Realm Royale Basics – How To Play & Win As A New Player

In this Realm Royale Basics Guide, Realm Royale Tips will outline our experience, tips and tactics that will help you play and win as a new player to the game. So if you’re coming to RR from Fortnite or PUBG this is a great place to start!

Since Realm Royale came out on Steam we’ve had an influx of new players asking us to explain this game and help to help them get the hang of the basics; how to play, what to do etc. So let’s get started…

Realm Royale Basics 

First, a little background about us. Realm Royale Tips consists of two Realm Royale players who have been playing the game for about three months since it was in its super closed alpha. Both of us were able to hit Master (which is one of the highest rankings available) and we averaged about 11 kills a game.

Realm Royale Basics

Now one of the first questions you’re faced with in the current iteration of Realm Royale is do you play Solos or Dual Squads. In Dual Squads you will have to pair up with one of the person or three other people. Now this can be intimidating as you may or may not have friends that are available to play all the time but fear not, we have a solution for you. If you click here, you will be taken to the Official Realm Royale Discord server which has over 33,000 other players in there. A lot of them are looking for group and are in the same situation as you. Its therefore a great place to get yourself together with some other players (and potentially make friends) and have a good time whether you’re looking for Duo’s or Squads.

Once you’ve decided if you’re playing Solos or Duos you now have to choose a class. Now at the time of writing there’s currently five classes in the game:

Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and Hunter.

Realm Royale Beginners Guide

Now this is where Realm Royale gets pretty different from other battle Royales –  usually they don’t have a class system.  This is something pretty unique to Realm Royale. But basically the difference between the classes is the weapons that are available to you and the abilities and spells that you can use throughout the game. When you’re opening up chests and looting the area you’ll find items specific to your class and they’re all within that classes theme.

The Warrior can move around and heal himself and create shields and take a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage.

The Engineer creates Machines like Turrets and Totems Bombs Of Fire a big thing that launches out plasma and he can use a Jetpack to go into the air.

The Assassin has a sniper rifle.

The Mage can fly around creates fireballs can turn themselves into solid ice.

The Hunter has a bow rolls around the ground and just generally does a truckload of damage.

So from those very basic descriptions of the classes you can probably decide what sounds the most fun to you. In our opinion, the Warrior, Engineer, Assasin and Mage are all pretty balanced against one another. However, in our experience the Hunter seems to be the strongest. You can read our full hunter guide here.

The Warrior probably has the lowest skill to play required of all the classes so a lot of people will find the Warrior the easiest to pick up and play whereas the Assassin has one of the highest skill caps in the game. So be aware when you play Assassin it may feel difficult at first but that’s just because the class is difficult to master.

Once you’ve chosen your class and you’ve talked to the team in the lobby (if playing Duo’s) you will enter the game. It all starts by flying through the air in the Zeppelin Airship and you’re going to drop somewhere in the map.

Now you’re probably wondering where is best to drop? Well a lot of players seem to just drop as soon as they can. Now you could jump out with all those players, or you could take a more tactical approach like we recommend at Realm Royale Tips.

Realm Royale Basics

Now Forges are a pretty important part of the game but we’ll move onto that in a second. We would highly recommend that you try and land on at least one of the  Forges, or generally around these areas. There is a lot of loot and because of that there’s other players as well. Now you could go to a super safe area (e.g. a corner of the map) where no other players are going to be. However one of the mechanics of the game is the Chicken Nugget system. Now we know this sounds pretty ridiculous but it’s an aspect of the gameplay. So when you hit somebody and knock them down , they don’t go out (unlike Fortnite and most other Battle Royale games). Instead, in Realm Royale, they get turned into a Chicken. So they’re not dead but they can’t really fight back or anything like that and they’re waiting to be revived. They doself-revive after 30 seconds. So if you shoot somebody with a lethal amount of damage they turn into a Chicken and then if you or one of your teammates or even an enemy kills that Chicken you get the Chicken Nugget.

The Chicken Nugget is important in relation to the Forges. If you’ve taken our advice and you’ve landed near a Forge you should be able to get some of the loot, at a stage of the game where other players are also weak. Using that loot, and hopefully getting a weapon, you will have the opportunity to shoot at other (weak) players. If you shoot at another player and turn them into a Chicken (and then either you are your team mate kill them) you get the Chicken Nugget.  You also get 50 Shards for turning them into a Chicken.

By landing close to a Forge, you should be able to complete a decent amount of looting and should be able disenchant some gear. You can do that by pressing X on items that you don’t want. Following this, you can go up to the Forge, open it up by holding ‘E’ (for us it’s F but we have changed our controls). You’ll be presented with a bunch of different options as to what you want to make. Depending on which class you’re playing, you’ll want to create different thing. We do think requirements change in terms of what should be a priority. Typically for most classes it’s a good idea to make your legendary weapon. If you’re the Mage however we feel like the Stone Spear isn’t that powerful so you can prioritize elsewhere. As a Mage, typically we make an ability and Armor.

Realm Royale Basics

At Realm Royale Tips we like to go for an aggressive start, but a passive start can be better depending on how many other players you have around you and how you’re feeling.

You can choose whether you want to make the Legendary Weapon, which is a serious amount of Shards to commit, or you could make an ability and a piece of Armor. Now let’s quickly discuss the Armor and why we sometimes choose to prioritize it over even making a Legendary Weapon or a really helpful ability. Each piece of armour at the epic or legendary (so the purple or orange rarity) gives you a stat bonus.

At the legendary value:

– The legs or the greaves give you 30% movement speed while you’re on your horse.

– The chest piece lets you regenerate 15 health every 5 seconds.

– The gloves allow you to reload 30% faster.

– The helmet gives you a 30% cooldown reduction on all your abilities which means you can use your abilities 30% faster after you’ve used them.

On top of the boosts above, each piece of legendary Armor gives you 300 extra shield which you can regenerate by drinking Armored Potions. So when you get all 4 legendary pieces of Armor you effectively have double the health you have when you start. As such, legendary Armor is definitely worth considering.

It’s 150 Shards to make both the ability and Armor or 120 Shards to make just the weapons. It’s all about using the Shards you have best. If you can go and spend your initial Shards and then go and pick up some more Shards early on, you’ll be in with a good chance of making all three: Weapon, Armor and Ability at the first Forge. If you have any Shards left over definitely make Armored Potions. That’s the Forging System in a nutshell.

One thing to note if you drop down to a Forge at the start of the game, is that you will notice that there are three different types of chests.

You have the one that looks like your standard Treasure Chest – it’s got a sort of rounded top and out of that can come anything from weapons to Armor to abilities. This is an everything chest in terms of what you can be rewarded with.

Then you have the very square box like chest – these specifically contain potions however they’re very important so we advise that you pick them up. We see a lot of new players neglecting the chanced to pick up potions but for a lot of classes you don’t have any way to heal at all (in fact only three of the five classes can actually heal themselves). So picking up the health potions which are green and the Armor Potions (which only the Engineer Class can heal Armor at time of writing). If you take damage, you can use G and H to heal.

Finally, with the the last type of chest which is sort of a rectangular box chest – these are the weapons chests. Now we will write a Weapons Chest article in the near future which will outline where all of the weapon chests are and the popular areas.

Now you’re find your favorite area of the map where you like to drop in Realm Royale, but for us, it is typically Lumber Fall. We like to land at this spot as there’s always a weapons chest there. This way, when we drop we  know that we will immediately have a weapon. We can then turn around and fight to get a Chicken Nugget from any unfortunate player who is in the area.

Realm Royale Basics

A great tip therefore is to pay attention to where the weapon chests are on the map and prioritizing going for those first.  This will help you profoundly in your first immediate fight and increase your likelihood of survival down the line.

As we mentioned briefly earlier from the other chests you can also get abilities.

Generally, you want to pick abilities up but some are better than others;  some are great for combat whereas others will be beneficial for utility. Try and pay attention to the little descriptions on each ability to see what you need. It will depend on the moment of the game in time. You may need a healing potion, or if you’re actually full health you would be probably better off taking the net shot or the charge or something like that.

So we’ve landed, we’ve looted from the chests and we’ve killed our first enemy from inside or around the first Forge. You’ve forged your weapon, now what do you do next? Well in typical Battle Royale fashion you can just wander around and go and find other people. The objective of the game is just to be the last Individual, Duo or Squad standing and you will win the game.

You will want to wander further into the map and stay out of the red zone. Search around and go to other places to find other players to kill.  You can even go to others Forge(s) to make some more abilities, kill players around the Forge(s) and make some more Armor (if required). Keep going like this as you can really power up your player. One thing that is worth mentioning when you craft something at the Forge, is that you are then locked out of Forging at it again. So if you make a piece of Armor at Lumber Fall, you cannot make another piece of Armor at Lumber Fall (at least for you if playing Duos or Squads, other members of our team can but you individually you’re going to have to go to another Forge if you want to make another piece of Armor). This is a way to make the players move around the map and encourage more fighting.

We’ve noticed that few new players realise that you can get on your horse by pressing the Z key on your keyboard. We recommend mounting up pretty much at any situation. It allows you to move more quickly and doesn’t really make much more noise than your footsteps. Your horse will help you get around the map a lot faster. And this just about covers it for a Realm Royale Basics Introduction.

Hopefully this, Realm Royale Basics guide has explain some things to you. Remember the importance of the Chicken Nugget system and the Shard system. They’re both pretty crucial to winning the game. Make sure you are getting involved in the action but also looting the right chests and making the right calls and going to the right place at the right time. If you’re new to the game and need fellow players, hopefully you’re able to find some in the Realm Royale.

If there is anything you would like Realm Royale Tips to cover, drop a comment down below. We’re looking to write an advanced tips and tricks article for some of you players who have got to grips with the game and need a bit more specific help.

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