Realm Royale Hunter Guide

In this Realm Royale Hunter Guide, we are going to discuss the Hunter class and explain the different skills and traits that you can select for your Hunter. We will also outline how and why the Hunter is the most powerful class in Realm Royale, its strengths and its weaknesses. The Hunter is a popular choice from the available classes, so without further ado, let’s find out why.

Realm Royale Hunter Guide

The Hunter is probably the most all-around overpowering class in the game currently hinging primarily on the fact that its primary legendary weapon is extremely powerful at all ranges. The Hunter also has some of the best secondary traits that you can use as far as staying alive and staying mobile on the ground.

The Hunter’s passive trait is a 10% reload buff and a 10% weapon swapping buff. This is not going to make much of a difference since your Longbow is going be used primarily as a weapon and you’ll be switching only now and again if you wanted to use Shotgun (the better secondary choice to go with the Longbow anyway – close/short range).

Realm Royale Hunter Guide

Realm Royale Hunter Abilities

Hunter Abilities What It Does
Dodge Roll Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.
Blast Shot An explosive projectile that damages the enemy.
Flare Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large area.
Proximity Mine A mine that explodes when enemies are near. has falloff damage, dealing less damage at the edges of the explosion
Withdraw Leap backwards and enter Stealth

The active skills that you can choose from include the Flare – which reveals enemies in a radius around the Flare. It is therefore excellent for spotting enemies inside of buildings and around trees or wherever you think that they might be. They have a blast shot which is a direct damage projectile that damages areas in a small radius and is good at the higher tiers like Epic and Legendary.

Depending on what kind of style of game you’re playing, you may want to use the active skill: Withdraw. This is essentially an Evade where you leap backwards a small distance and go invisible or Stealth for a short amount of time.

You have the ability to prime your Longbow while in Stealth so it’s a very powerful ability to line up shots on an aggressive enemy who is attacking you because you go completely invisible; they can’t see you and once you come out of that you just land a quick bow shot and follow-up. You also have the Proximity Mine which is kind of a favorite of ours because it’s something that a lot of people just don’t pay any attention to. With the Sentry Gun with the Engineer you can throw this Proximity Mine on the ground and as an enemy gets closer it’ll do damage. At the legendary tier it does 500 plus damage which is a big boost to initial trades if you’re trying to get the edge on an opponent and it has a relatively low cooldown so you can throw it a lot.

Finally just touching on the primary movement ability it’s the Dodge Roll – again a fairly low cooldown but relatively limited in what you can use it for. It’s good for covering distance back and forward and side-to-side strafe etc. It will launch you a small distance and at the epic tier it has a very low cooldown so you can be rolling all over the place. It does not have the best movement ability in the game but definitely can be useful for gaining ground when getting away from your opponents.

So now that we’ve talked about the skills themselves it’s time to talk about selecting skills depending on the different game-mode.

If you’re in solo, our personal favorite is to go for the Trap and Evade the Trap is very flexible as a secondary source of damage if you’re getting piqued repeatedly by an enemy.  You can keep throwing the mine on the ground where they’re peeking and they’ll have to jump out and deal with that Trap because it does have decent radius. You can throw it a little bit further away from the corner so if they want to get away from it they have to go around it or if they just forget about it they’re going to take damage. You can even land a bow shot.

The second skill to select in solo, would be using the Withdraw skill that Evade and Stealth. This is very, very helpful especially if you’re taking too much damage or need to reposition or even to give yourself enough time to land a bow shot. The Evade is very useful especially at the higher tiers and you can just whip your camera around in Evade towards enemies to gain distance. With side-to-side it takes a little bit of skill to aim your withdraw but it is a skill that all good Hunters are going to need to learn.

So to summarise, Trap and Evade are our go-to. You can use the Blast shot instead of the Trap if you do want direct damage and don’t really want to have to worry about placing your Mines. The one main reason we do suggest the Trap is that because it’s such a common issue when facing a Hunter. We’ve faced a lot of Hunters and have been hit by a lot of Traps during our time playing Realm Royale. And because we’re also worried about the bow and that direct damage, it is easy to sometimes forget about the Trap. Sometimes you can leave it behind in a Forge too or around Choke Points and just kind of confuse or annoy your enemies and you don’t use up their health potion so it’s an interesting tool to use. Evade is a solid choice although from our personal experience playing the various modes, you do have some room to choose differently.

In our experiences, we believe the Flare is probably the weakest Hunter skill, but we must note, it does have its place in Duo. If you are playing Duo, we recommend that you still want to opt for Trap and Evade or Blast shot and Evade. This will depend on your style and if you want to go full damage or not. The best tip is that you should play around and find what you like.

In Duo pairing, if you’re playing with an Engineer or an Assassin (which is a popular combination), you want to be doing as much damage as possible so either the blast shot or the Trap and then Evade is just a really strong choice all around. But we will delve deeper into these classes in future articles.

The Strengths of the Hunter

Next in our Realm Royale Hunter Guide, we move onto the Hunters Strengths – this is relatively easy. It’s important to note that the Hunter hinges very heavily on their legendary weapon (one, if not the, strongest in the game). The strengths of the Hunter are the massive damage from the Legendary Bow (a thousand damage a shot) which is incredibly hard to beat. It’s also very quick to draw the bow and it has a fairly high fire rate, very accurate at long distance and high projectile speed. Therefore, in our opinion, the Hunters legendary weapon is the best weapon in the game.

The Hunter also has good mobility on the ground and can engage effectively from all distances. We like to pair the Legendary Bow with a Shotgun (legendary obviously being the preference) because you can land a bow shot roll towards your enemies and then start harassing with a Shotgun. You can throw your Trap and with the blast shot and if things go poorly you can just Evade. This enables you to become invisible and you can run away. From this point you can line up another Bow shot. In this way, Hunters are extremely powerful and if you’re not a Hunter yourself and are up against one, you have to fight very strategically to win a fight against a Hunter – even a moderately skilled one.

The Weaknesses of a Hunter

There are a few weaknesses of the Hunter which we must raise your attention too. Firstly, the Hunter has low vertical mobility which can be problematic against Warriors and Engineers. You should be find because as a Hunter, you’ve got the best weapon in the game. When up against Engineers, if they leap on you trying to get grenade shots, they’re sitting ducks at the moment when they are in the air. At this point, you can line up your bow shots quite easily and there is little they can do (but shoot at you with a grenade launcher).

Warriors are kind of in the same situation as the Engineers, but bear in mind they’re a little bit faster and once they’re up close they can be a big threat with their throwable Axe. As a Hunter against Warriors, you want to get the opening shot as quickly and accurately as you can.

Let’s just discuss briefly about what the Hunter is strong and weak against class wise. The Hunter is strong against literally every class in the game. A skilled Hunter is very difficult to deal with for any class but we would say as a weakness, the primary threat to a Hunter class-wise would likely be an Engineer (utilizing the barrier and the sentry gun). Engineers also have a healing totem so they can recoup from damage during a fight relatively quickly. If you’re a Hunter, to be defeated, an Engineer has to be very skilful in placing their barrier and able to keep you away from them. Cutting you with their barrier and dealing with cooldowns takes a lot of effort as an Engineer to overcome a Hunter.

Whilst the Warrior does not have the barrier, they do have a shield which they can throw on themselves. Their net shot will slow you down but that’s a skill shot they need to hit. They also need to stay mobile which can be difficult. Be wary, because Warriors can charge on, but if you have line of sight on any target you can easily hit bow shots and in two or three hits (depending on if they have max health and armor) you should defeat them.

The primary threat as a Hunter would be the inability to hit your shoots (poor aim and accuracy) and another Hunter. If you can’t hit shots it’s going to be a problem but if you have the bow and you’re your target you’re in good shape.

One final thing we would like to raise in this Realm Royale Hunter Guide, is how how to play the Hunter effect. The first and only thing you need to worry about is to make sure you get your bow; the rest should unfold kindly for you. With the bow, you’re incredibly strong. Try not to take too much initial damage in the early parts of the game and you’ll be golden. We’re still learning the Hunter, we are all still learning the game and trying to get masterful at it, but we are on our way to the master rank.

Realm Royale Hunter Guide Top Tips

Here’s a small collection of tips that will help you when playing as a Hunter. We’ll be adding to these tips and to the list as the game continues to develop and we get more time to player RR ourselves:

  • Withdraw is a great way of repositioning if you’re backed into a corner. If you couple it withthe Dodge Roll, you can put some significant distance between you and an enemy.
  • Leave your mines by doorways and hotspots like the Forge – this will increase the likelihood of your mines hitting your enemies.
  • The Flare is an excellent tool for making sure that buildings are safe to enter, as they will show to you any hidden enemies that are inside and/or waiting for you.
  • As a Hunter, your ultimate goal is to get to the Longbow as quickly as you can. Its the best all-round weapon in the game. If you pair it with the Shotgun, you’ll increase its effectiveness. The ultimate play is: landing a bow shot, Dodge Rolling towards your opponent and then finishing them off with a Shotgun blast.
  • If you’re being attacked by a Warrior or Assassin, use your abilities to get away from them (as these classes  have the advantage in close-quarters combat). The Dodge Roll and Withdraw skills to reposition are great for this goal.
  • Don’t be afraid to shoot whilst evading.

If you have any comments on how you play Hunter, or what you’ve found effective just leave a comment down below. We would be really interested to hear your thoughts.  Don’t forget to sign up to our free newsletter on our homepage to be notified of when we release guides and articles like this.

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