Realm Royale Beginners Guide

In this Realm Royale Beginners Guide, Realm Royale Tips wanted to bring you some of the best tips and tactics for any new player. These are the kind of things we wished we had known before we started, and could have really benefited from when we first started playing!

If you are new to Realm Royale, and have played Fortnite or PUBG (Players Unknowns  Battle Ground), there are many similarities. The main one is that Realm Royal is also a Battle Royale game (battle royale concept: you drop into a map against a specific number of players and fight until the there is only one player left; who in turn wins). PUBG is very different in terms of gameplay as well as design. It is more similar to Fortnite in the respect to style as well as the third-person aiming mechanics that you’ll be using while you play this game. So for those of you starting Ream Royale following Fortnite we think you’ll be in somewhat familiar territory. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Realm Royale Beginners Guide

Realm Royale is a Battle Royale game in which you jump down out of a little blimp or a Zeppelin and you select a landing spot (by moving your player there) just like any other Battle Royale game. The main thing that’s different in Realm Royale is the class selection screen. Now this is where you’re going to be choosing your class for the game.

The classes are as follows:

Realm Royale Beginners Guide

Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and Hunter

All the classes have different abilities with different skills. We first advise that you take a minute to review the tooltips and the skills for that particular class before selecting. But ultimately, because you’re new and may have different playing styles or preferences, we suggest you just start to try out the different classes. In future articles we’ll take a look at each individual class.

Once your class is selected, you’ll be jumping into the game. Now Duo’s and Solos are the only available game modes right now – both are good and yet again they depend on your preference.

Enter the Battle:

Once you select your landing spot, you’ll notice on the map by default that there are little anvils all over the map:

Realm Royale Beginners Guide2

Now those are Forges which are important but we’ll get into those shortly. So as far as your abilities and looting in the early game are concerned you want to jump in find buildings which contain chests. Now the chests have the same chance to drop items as well as Armor abilities etc. Hopefully during the early game you can find yourself a Rifle or a Shotgun – essentially you need any gun really to defend. If worse comes to worse that dagger you have by default in your hands does 400 damage a shot and can easily dispatch an enemy in the early game if you can land the first blows.  When it comes to attacking opponents you’ll notice that once you do enough damage they will turn into a Chicken. Unlike Fortnite or PUBG (where you can be revived), in Realm Royale once you go down as a Chicken you cannot be revived until a certain period of time is up (provided via the timer – you revive when the time runs out). So if you go down as a Chicken, you will need to evade and try to stay alive. Once the  timer expires you will come back to life with a certain amount of health and armor depending on what your gear was before. You can now get back in the fight.

As far as the abilities are concerned and the weapons are concerned in Realm Royale there is a tier system.  The common weapons are Grey, Green are stronger (mid-tier) and then purple which is ultimately the best tier in the game.

There are four Armor slots:

  1. Helm
  2. Chest
  3. Gloves
  4. Boots

Filling these with armor will increase your armor pool. It can be maxed out to 1200. This equals your health pool so the maximum total HP you can have is 2400.

When fully kitted out you’ll also have the ability slots which can be interchanged with various items you find in the map. You can essentially change what kind of character and what your abilities are depending on what you find or Forge later.

You have secondary abilities and your primary ability (F key).  The F key is always your mobility key:

  • As an Assassin it’s a blank.
  • As a Warrior it’s a leap
  • As an Engineer it’s a rocket jump

Your secondary abilities (utility items) will be things like:

  • The Turret if you’re an Engineer
  • Ice Block if you’re the Mage

You can choose between which ones you prefer and pair them up but really, this is all abou survivability as well as  passive offensive ability but it all depends on your class. So for the Engineer (our favorite class) –  the Healing Totem and the Sentry Gun are very useful and these are what we usually select.


Let’s touch briefly on the different kinds of weapons in Realm Royale. When you first drop, any weapon is better than nothing; so even if you can get a Shotgun or an Heirloom Rifle, we would advise you get them! Even the revolver can be useful when you first drop, but you will want to upgrade as soon as you can . The Burst and the Slug Rifle are our personal favorites, but essentially you’re going be relying on your legendary weapon.

Standard Weapons

HEIRLOOM RIFLE                               STATS                                                            DETAILS

Heirloom RifleDamage: 300 / 360 / 420 / 480
Clip size: 10
Shots per second: 1.67


SLUG RIFLE                                              STATS                                                            DETAILS

Slug Rifle

Damage: 400 / 480 / 560 / 640
Clip size: 6
Shots per second: 1.11


BURST RIFLE                                             STATS                                                        DETAILS

Burst Rifle

Damage: 330 / 396 / 462 / 528             – Shoots three
Clip size:  18                                                         projectiles
Shots per second: 1.67


SHOTGUN                                             STATS                                                          DETAILS


Damage:  550 / 660 / 770 / 880
Clip size:  5
Shots per second:  0.91
Hitscan: ✓


REVOLVER                                            STATS                                                          DETAILS


Damage:  400 / 480 / 560 / 640
Clip size:  6
Shots per second: 1.39
Falloff:  ✓


CROSSBOW                                          STATS                                                          DETAILS

CrossbowDamage:  310 / 372 / 434 / 496
Clip size:  6
Shots per second:  1.82
Falloff:  ✓

VENOM PISTOL                                 STATS                                                DETAILS

Venom Pistol

Damage: 420 / 504                 – Shoots three shots
Clip size: 5                                   – 4 ticks of damage per hit
Shots per second: 0.83           shot


SWORD                                           STATS                                                              DETAILS


Damage: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800
Shots per second: 1.11



Legendary Weapons

Each class has a Legendary weapon that can only be used if you are that class. To obtain Legendary gear, can need to craft it at a Forge! The forged Legendary weapons have an additional attack bonus that inflict one second effect on hit. Possible elements include:

Fire ElementFire sets enemies on fire dealing 20 damage every 0.2 second for 1 second (100 damage total) and decreases healing received by 50%.

Frost ElementFrost slows enemies movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

Lightning ElementLightning reveals enemies through walls and stealth for 1 second.


THROWING AXE                                        STATS                                                 DETAILS

Throwing Axe

Damage: 800                                        – Great for close combat Shots per second: 0.9




PLASMA LAUNCHER                           STATS                                              DETAILS

Plasma Launcher

Damage: 800                                 – Can deal self-damage
Clip size:  6
Shots per second: 1



SNIPER RIFLE                                           STATS                                              DETAILS

Sniper Rifle

Damage: 1100                     – Headshots deal 2200 damage
Clip size: 1                                –  Projectile moves slowly
Reload speed: 2.7 s             – No Bullet Drop



STONE SPEAR                                         STATS                                      DETAILS

Damage: 3 x 275     – Shoots 3 accurate projectile bursts
Clip size: 5
Shots per second: 1.18



LONGBOW                                              STATS                                      DETAILS


Damage: 900                              – Needs to be fully drawn to                                                                  deal maximum damage.

Realm Royale Beginners Guide
The Forge

Now let’s talk about the Forge

The Forge is the element of Realm Royale that sets the game apart to other Battle Royale games. On your map you’ll several little anvils floating around typically centered around cities. This is where the Forges are mainly located.  Forges are used to create your legendary armor class abilities and your weapon. We would recommend prioritizing your legendary weapon if you have enough Shards. But how do you get Shards you may  wonder? Shards come from downing and killing enemy players and disenchanting loot that you don’t need; so if you open chests you’ll see that there might be items that you just don’t need right away or that are not for you. If you’ve downed an enemy that has class abilities, you could hit the X key and you’ll disenchant them into Shards.

You can carry up to 200 Shards at any given time but you’re going to use these at the Forge to create your weapons and abilities. Now when it comes to the Forge itself, every time you go to craft an item you can only create one per Forge. So at each Forge you can only make one armor, one ability and obviously one weapon. Remember you will only going to make one weapon per game. At your first Forge you can make your weapon and then you’ll have to move on to a different Forge if you want to keep making armor and and abilities on top of what you already have.

Once you start the Forge it’s going to take roughly a minute to have your item complete. You can also make your Potions at the Forge as well for a smaller fraction of Shards that you would normally use for abilities or armor. The timer is going be ticking down but at the same time a plume of smoke is going to erupt from the top of the Forge which will draw enemies to you. If someone sees that you’re creating an item they can come and attack you and if they kill you they can take your item. Even if they scare you off the Forge and they happen to be an enemy of your same class they can take your items as well.

There’s only about a 10 second lock out before someone can disenchant or take your items so keep that in mind when you’re forging. Also be mindful that players around that area might attack you and just be on the defensive and alert. Once you have retained your legendary weapon which is arguably the best defensive item you can have, you’ll notice that there are a few different options depending on your class. You will want to pair your legendary weapon with an alternative.

For the engineer, it’s a grenade launcher, so you’re going to need to pair with an Heirloom Rifle or something that has long-range capability.

If you’re an Assassin with a marksman rifle it’ll do 1200 damage and if you’re a Hunter it’ll do a thousand damage; so we would recommend prioritizing your legendary weapons.

General Gameplay

The game will progress and the circle will get smaller and smaller. You’ll notice that there is a little blimp dropping chests. Within these chests it is almost guaranteed that there will be a legendary item. Often it’s a weapon of some kind or a class ability, but mostly we’ve seen weapons. As such, finding chests can be very valuable if you can find them because you can have a secondary weapon which is also very powerful. Also if you don’t get a chance to get to a Forge, these weapons can be a great alternative for providing you with a powerful weapon. Having a powerful secondary weapon will make you a very formidable force where you could be hit your opponents with potentially six or seven hundred damage per shot. This will put you in a position to be able to absolutely decimate your opponents.

One other essential element to the game is that you have the ability to mount a horse that you can use to get around the map quicker. On a horse, you will always be able to outrun the zone on horseback. The default key to get on your horse is Z. Using your horse is a terrific way to get around, reposition during fights and pressure your enemies as it only takes a second to jump on them. Horses are a  very important tool to use that so don’t forget to use them often. If you are in a gunfight when you’re on your horse, if you take damage you’ll be dismounted. So its always good to attach other players when they are on their horses if you want to draw them into a fight.

So there you have it, a quick Realm Royale Beginners Guide and basic overview of the game to get you started. We think we’ve hit as many of the beginner topics but we’re going to go in depth in future articles on some of the topics discussed (classes being one of them).

Here is just one final Realm Royale Tip:

Don’t be afraid to get into a gunfight – everyone’s going to be new at this game and if you’re just picking it up you’re already on the ground floor so get out there have some fun.

We hope you enjoyed this Realm Royale Beginners Guide and found decent information here; if you want to be notified of when we post articles just like this, sign up to our newsletter!

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