Realm Royale Basics – How To Play & Win As A New Player

In this Realm Royale Basics Guide, Realm Royale Tips will outline our experience, tips and tactics that will help you play and win as a new player to the game. So if you’re coming to RR from Fortnite or PUBG this is a great place to start! Since Realm Royale came out on Steam we’ve had an influx of new players asking us to explain this game and help to help them get the hang of the basics; how to … Read More

Realm Royale Hunter Guide

In this Realm Royale Hunter Guide, we are going to discuss the Hunter class and explain the different skills and traits that you can select for your Hunter. We will also outline how and why the Hunter is the most powerful class in Realm Royale, its strengths and its weaknesses. The Hunter is a popular choice from the available classes, so without further ado, let’s find out why. Realm Royale Hunter Guide The Hunter is probably the most all-around overpowering … Read More

Realm Royale Beginners Guide

In this Realm Royale Beginners Guide, Realm Royale Tips wanted to bring you some of the best tips and tactics for any new player. These are the kind of things we wished we had known before we started, and could have really benefited from when we first started playing! If you are new to Realm Royale, and have played Fortnite or PUBG (Players Unknowns  Battle Ground), there are many similarities. The main one is that Realm Royal is also a … Read More

Welcome To Realm Royale Tips

Hello everybody and welcome to Realm Royale Tips. The site is still heavily under construction, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, just sign up to our Newsletter to be notified when we post new articles – tips, tricks, and, of course Realm Royale-related news. Aside from a the Reddit Community and a few YouTube videos, there doesn’t really seem to be a good Realm Royale Community or Resources available out there, so we’re going to change … Read More

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